How to Locate Other Blogs

Published May 7, 2007 by Dr. Tammy Powley


Most people who eventually become bloggers start out by reading other people’s blogs first. Even after joining the blogosphere as a blogger, it is important for bloggers to continue reading other blogs in order to be part of the conversation. Blogging is all about community and cooperation. If you basically blog in a vacuum then you miss out on this and really aren’t part of the blogosphere. But, how do you find blogs in the first place? How do you manage to find blogs on topics you are particularly interested in?

Here are few tools available on the Internet for tracking down blogs:

  • – Yes, you can use straight Google to find blogs, but even better is Google Blog Search. It operates the same as Google; just type in key words of phrases and click “Search Blogs,” and it will bring up a list of blogs in that topic. If you are already familiar with Google as a web search engine, then this is a good place to start.
  • – This is a blog database. You can search through the blog directory using key words, much like a typical search engine.
  •   – Using RSS feeds to monitor blogs all over the web, this is another blog search engine.
  • – Also a blog search engine, Blogpulse, though, also attempts to concentrate on blog trends.
  • Other blogs – Finally, a wonderful way to locate blogs on topics you are interested in is by checking another blog’s blog roll or also reading through comments posted on a blog. The blog roll will have blogs listed on similar topics. The comments will often have links back the blog of the person who commented. Usually, this person will be writing about the same or similar topic.

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