Generating Web Traffic

Published May 25, 2007 by Dr. Tammy Powley

One way to generate traffic is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Serious bloggers and web masters are serious about SEO. There is a science to SEO and loads of information on it, but for those just getting started here are some SEO basic tips: 

  • Consider key words when writing blog titles and content. For example, if you are writing about jewelry and you are trying to attract users who are interested in this topic, then the word “jewelry” should be used in the title and also the body of your blog posts. It is even a good idea to mix up the spelling. Jewelry is also spelt jewellery in Europe, so it can be helpful to spell it both ways. This way you attract those who search for “jewelry” and those who search for “jewellery.”
  • Update quality content regularly. One reason a blog can make a good addition to a web site is because it provides a way for the site to increase its amount of content on a regular basis, and search engines like this. If you put up a web site or blog and then never go back and update it, it can be forgotten about. If you update it regularly, you are essentially saying, “Hey, Mr. Search Engine, check me out.” And, he will.
  • Linking internally and externally is a good way to bring in traffic. When you have more links pointing back to your blog, you can’t help but create a breadcrumb trail back to you. One method for building links and community is to participate in Carnivals. These can be a lot of fun. Basically, a group of bloggers agrees to blog on a similar topic or theme. One person from the group agrees to host the carnival and that person includes everyone’s links in one post.

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