Professional Indie Bloggers

Published May 25, 2007 by Dr. Tammy Powley

Professional bloggers who earn (or at least attempt to earn) money from their blogs are referred to as indie bloggers, and there are a pretty large number of them around the web. Most bloggers start out just for the fun of blogging, but eventually, a good portion start to realize (like and The Manolo) that they could actually earn some income from their blogs. Primarily they do this through advertising, and there are all kinds of methods for bringing in ads. However, the indie blogger turns into something more than just a blog editor when she takes on the task of marketer, salesman, and basically head cook and bottle washer. So, this can be a challenging direction to take for anyone who doesn’t have some business background. But, it can be done and is done every day, and in fact, (written by Darren Rowse) is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of professional blogging on her/his own (as in not part of a blog network).


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