Published May 25, 2007 by Dr. Tammy Powley

You’ll hear a lot of talk about “stats” (aka statistics) when it comes to blogs and web sites. Some blogs have areas that provide statistics for counting all kinds of items related to your blog like page views (when a page is viewed by a reader), number of external links, number of visitors, most popular blog posts, and so on. For those who are just blogging for fun, numbers may not be that important, but if you are trying to earn money or just want to make sure you are reaching a lot of web users for other reasons, then stats can be pretty important.  Where you’ll find your stats depends on how and where you are blogging. If you are on, they don’t already have stats set up. Instead you have to use other services from the net (some are free). (another free blogging network) does offer statistics under the Dashboard area, but they are pretty limited. If you are really into knowing your stats (some bloggers become obsessed with this), then you’ll probably want to check into other places to help you collect and keep track of your stats. A quick Google search offers a few free blog stats services: 


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