Hot Bloggers

Published May 26, 2007 by Dr. Tammy Powley

One of the best ways to learn about blogging is to read blogs, and those who are at the top of the blog rankings, considered “A” and “B” list bloggers are the masters. Many of these bloggers make a living, just by blogging. For example, there’s The Manolo, a pen-name for a blogger who writes primarily about shoes but who also covers fashion, trends, and celebrities. He has a wonderful wit about him and is rumored to make six figures from his blog  Then there is, written by Heather Armstrong. She has the strange honor of being one of the first people to be fired due to blogging about work-related issues. In fact, the term “dooce” is now credited to her as meaning “to be fired due to blogging.” Armstrong writes about her life as a mother, the family dog, being an ex-Mormon, and other topics related to her life. She and her husband both earn enough income off her blog (and he also started one eventually) so that both stay home to blog and raise their young daughter.  You can find A-list bloggers listed at , but here’s a short list of links (not including two mentioned in the above paragraph) to start exploring: 


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