Joining the Blogosphere

Published May 26, 2007 by Dr. Tammy Powley

Most bloggers start out as blog readers. They usually have a few blogs they like to read regularly, either by bookmarking them on a web browser and visiting daily or subscribing to an RSS feed. So, if you want to join, that’s your first step: become a blog reader. After becoming a reader, the next step is normally to start commenting on these blogs, thus becoming part of the conversation; however, technically to become a full-member of the blogosphere, you need to blog. It sounds like a large leap from reader to casual commenter to blogger, but because of the free access to blog software and user-friendly platform most of them have, it’s really not that difficult.  You’ll need to determine the answers to the following questions to get started blogging: 

  • What is my purpose for blogging?
  • What type of blog do I want to write? Filter? K-blog? Journal? Combination?
  • Who do I want to host my blog? Assuming you want free hosting, options might be or (for example).
  • What do I want to blog about? Can you word this topic into phrase, tagline, or subtitle?
  • What would I like the title of my blog to be? (This can affect your URL.)
  • Do I want my blog to be public or limit it to a select group who will need a password to access it?
  • Would I at some point want to earn some revenue from my blog?

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