Blog Topic Brainstorming

Published May 28, 2007 by Dr. Tammy Powley

When starting a blog, one of the most important and probably the most difficult steps is deciding what topic your blog will cover. Many journal-style blogs cover a number of topics. For example, talks about her dog, her daughter, her husband, her house, and her religious beliefs. However, even though she covers a number of topics in one blog, all of them are related to her own life experiences, which mirror those of many of her readers and could be one reason her blog is so popular.  To become a regular blogger, meaning some who will post entries multiple times a week if not every day, you need a topic you are passionate about. Writing about the same thing day after day can get really boring if it is something you are only mildly interested in. It can also become challenging after awhile to think of something to say that some one else will care to read. Make a list of ideas that you are (if not passionate about) very interested in, something you do regularly right now: 

  • What do you do for work?
  • What sort of hobbies do you have?
  • What do you read about regularly?
  • What activities are important in your life?

All of these can give you ideas for blogging.  


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