Linking to Other Blogs

Published May 31, 2007 by Dr. Tammy Powley

Linking to other blogs, also called “link love,” is an important step in becoming a good blogosphere neighbor. You can link to other blogs through a blog roll, which is a list of links usually located on the sidebar of your blog. You can also link to other blogs internally in a blog post. For example, say you really like what another blogger had to say about certain topic or issue and you wanted to add your 25 cents. You can post your own blog entry about the same issue, linking and mentioning where you saw the originally blogger talk about it.  Both internal links and blog rolls are important parts to the whole blogging environment. They are part of what brings you into the conversation. Blogging is not a solo pursuit. No blogger is an island. Links connect you to other bloggers, literally, and they also help connect you to search engines (who like links). So, if you want to write a blog that gets read, then you want to be aware of your links.


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