Marketing Blog Discovery

Published June 23, 2007 by Dr. Tammy Powley

I just discovered a great blog called the Diva Marketing Blog. Obviously, as the title suggests, it concentrates on tips for using blogging as a way to promote a business. However, I found a lot of good tips in general for the blogger, whether you are into promoting or just want to hone your blog skills.

For example, her post on developing a blog voice has some tips to consider:

Tips on How To Find Your Unique Blog Voice
1. Write – write – write. The more you write the more your style and voice will evolve.
2. Imagine the people who will read your blog. Think about individuals vs. a group.
3. Talk to the people who read your blog. Think conversation vs. lecture.
4. Let your personality come through. Include your own ideas and thoughts.
5. Read a couple of your blog posts aloud. Do you sound like you?
6. Enjoy the adventure. If you’re having fun, your passion will come thru.”

Now, yes, it does bug me that she spelled through as thru, but I’m going to cut her a little slack because at least her information is worth reading just the same.


2 comments on “Marketing Blog Discovery

  • Hi Dr. Powley – Thanks for your kind words about Diva Marketing. Appreciate your comment on the post as well.

    As for “thru” versus “through” my intention was to reinforce a casualness of personality through the use of language. Although there are some fairly serious issues* discussed on Diva, for the most part, my focus is to present marketing/social media marketing information in a fun and less serious fashion. You’ll notice some posts call out to the “girlfriends, divas and divos” and toss a pink boa to people who have gone the extra step. The tonality has been a strong factor in creating a ‘blog brand.’

    *Links to Jupiter Research posts

    Best of luck with your class and other projects.

  • Thanks for stopping by, Toby. I can’t help myself. Actually, I’m an awful speller and typo-queen, but the English teacher in me just can’t handle ‘thru.’ I see it on too many essays I have to grade – sad but true 😦

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