Business Applications

Published June 30, 2007 by Dr. Tammy Powley

We often think of personal journals first when it comes to blogging, and yes, those are the most popular types of blogs. However, the business world was one of the first industries to take note of the advantages to blogging:


  • It is a way to educate consumers about a product or service.
  • The user-friendly interface means just about anyone can operate a blog.
  • The structure of a blog, its reverse chronological order, allows new information to be at the top of the page and thus right in front of the consumer.
  • Regular blog posts means lots of regular content and thus good SEO.
  • Blogs provide an opportunity for branding.

3 comments on “Business Applications

  • Sure. Lots of them out there. Like – On a smaller scale, a lot of jewelry makers I know who sell their jewelry have blogs. It’s a good way to get the attention of search engines because it provides regular updated content to your site. In fact, I’ll go try to find it and post a link here, but I was reading an article recently about how some corporations are starting to hire people who may at the very least blog as part of their jobs with them

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