Vlogs, Podcasts, and Wikis

Published July 2, 2007 by Dr. Tammy Powley

Beyond the blog are a number of other electronic media that use a similar interactive approach to communication. Vlogs, which obviously borrow part of its term from blogs, are video blogs. Sites like YouTube.com have become hugely popular. Much like a blog, anyone with a video camera and Internet access can upload a video for free. Podcasts are audio files. These can be listened to on-line or loaded up for later use on ipods. Sites like gcast.com offer free software for creating and storing podcasts. Wikis are collaborative websites where multiple readers can add and edit information to the site. Wikipedia (http://www.wikipedia.org/) is one example a large wiki that is used by huge number of Internet users.


3 comments on “Vlogs, Podcasts, and Wikis

  • I would double check some facts. I have had the experience of reading some webpages with inaccurate information on Wikipedia. It is a great site but …

  • Double check that wikipedia is a wiki? That’s pretty much all I said here. If you mean to double check facts you look up there, of course. I’m not suggesting that it is an end all be all source. I’m simply stating the type of media that it is – a wiki.

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