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CCTI Biz Blog Links (Class #1)

Published May 12, 2008 by Dr. Tammy Powley

Let’s start with the parts of a blog.

HWY Blogs has an excellent visual break down of the parts and pieces that make up a blog:

Not all blogs have all of these items, especially numbers 13 and 14 (above), but generally, this is a pretty good visual example.


Now, let’s find some blogs. Here are some links to follow. Use search terms related to your topic of interest to locate a blog. Then, for now, bookmark it in your browser window. We’ll use these for the next part of the class in a few minutes.

After locating some blogs of interest, it is helpful to have an aggregator (a feed reader) set up so that you can start collecting them all in one place. Plus as you find other blogs in the future, you can add them very easily to this list and keep track of updates.


Let’s now go to and sign up for a free account.

Once you have signed up for a Blogilines account, click on the Feeds tab, and you should see the following on the right side of your screen:


Scroll down. Under the Subscribe to It subheading, click on the browser toolbar link. This will give you instructions for adding a link to the favorites list of your browser. Follow the instructions depending on the web browser you are using. Once you do that, you just have to select this under Favorites in your browser when you find a blog you want to add. Then Bloglines will automatically add it to your feeds.

Now that you have that set up on your browser, go back to the blogs you found previously (remember they should now be part of your Favorites list too). Once you are on the home page of your first blog, click on Favorite, locate Sub with Bloglines, and select that from your favorites. Continue to follow the instructions provided by Bloglines to add the blog’s feed. Repeat this to any of the other blogsyou located so you can have them all located in your Bloglines account.


Before we move on, we are going to stop here, return to my PowerPoint presentation, and talk about a few topics that are important to blogging – etiquette, comments, and selecting a topic.


(1) Before the next class meeting, be able to answer the following questions:

• What is my purpose for blogging?
• What type of blog do I want to write? Filter? K-blog? Journal? Combination?
• What do I want to blog about? Can you word this topic into phrase, tagline, or subtitle?
• What would I like the title of my blog to be? (This can affect your URL.)
• Do I want my blog to be public or limit it to a select group who will need a password to access it?

(2) Bring a .jpg file, no larger than 400×400, that is either a picture of yourself, a related product, or anything that you want to visually represent you on your blog. You can either bring this on a thumb drive, or you can also email it to yourself (just be prepared to access this email when you get to class). If you want to bring additional images that is fine, but at least have one to use on your blog for next class.

(3) Be prepared to write an About Me page. If you want, you can write this ahead of time and save it as a .txt or .doc file. (If it is .doc, I recommend you copy and paste it into Notepad first, and then copy and paste that into your blog window. Otherwise, you may have codes copied in that you don’t expect). This page should be a brief explanation about who you are, what your business is, and why you have decided to blog about it.


New Class in the Works

Published April 14, 2008 by Dr. Tammy Powley

My recent blogging presentation at the CCTI Lunch and Learn went so well (I actually had so many questions from the audience I didn’t even get half way through my Power Point presentation), that things are in the works already for a blogging workshop. Right now, it looks like it will be held around the second week of May (yup, that soon!).

I plan to gear this towards small business owners who want to use this medium as a promotional tool. We’ll learn some of the basics like blogging lingo and etiquette, and we’ll move onto learning how to set up a blog using one of the free networks available on the Internet. It will be a crash course in blogging, but students will be able to leave the 4 hour workshop with a blog of their own.

Anyone interested in taking the class (limited to 24 students), contact CCTI for all the info.