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Blogging for Dummies

Published May 7, 2007 by Dr. Tammy Powley

dummies-cover.jpgBlogging For Dummies – Like most the “dummies” books, this one assumes the reader knows zip about the topic; however, I still found a lot of helpful information in here. So far, after reading just about the whole book, the only thing I find fault with is the explanation on trackbacks. It does explain what they are, but the “how-to” still was not the clear to me.


Baghdad Burning

Published April 21, 2007 by Dr. Tammy Powley

While this book isn’t a how-to blog book, I think it is a wonderful example of the power of blogging when used as a way to write a personal narrative. It is called Baghdad Burning: Girl Blog from Iraq, and while it started off as a young woman’s blog about her life in Iraq during the war, it has turned into a lot more than that and becomes a real person account of what’s happening to citizens, especially women, over there right now. It’s even spawned Baghdad Burning II: More Girl Blog from Iraq (Women Writing the Middle East)which I haven’t had a chance to read yet.

Even if you are not into politics, this is a good read.