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I’m Dr. Tammy Powley, and  I am an assistant professor of English at Indian River Community College where I teach composition, literature, and more recently, blogging classes. My weblog classes are currently offered through the college’s Lifelong Learning Institute as well as the Corporate and Community Training Institute, and starting in the Spring 2009, I will teach a web-based/blog composition I class. Students enrolled in this class will receive credit for ENC1101 as they learn the basics of blogging. Feel free to email me (tpowley@ircc.edu) for information if you’d like to sign up for this class.

Along with teaching, I am also a writer and have extensive experience writing content for various networks. My previous blogging credits include writing for b5media.com as well as Creative Weblogging, where I worked as the company’s Executive Editor.  I have my own weblog now dedicated to writing about crafting and my career as a writer/crafter/teacher: Crafty Princess Diaries.

I set up this weblog, which I titled Blog Class Info, in order to help with my blog classes, both as a way to demonstrate how to blog and also as a way to provide a digital storage area for class materials. You’ll find handouts, helpful links, and Power Point presentations. For anyone who wants to learn about blogging or teach others, feel free to use what you find here as long as you provide proper credit and do not publish this material in other forms without my consent.


6 comments on “About This Blog

  • This is a great site. I’m jut investigating the blog universe for freelancing. What other resources are available and what would you suggest for outside reading on the topic?


  • Hi,

    I am currently living in Singapore and I want to offer a free course on blogging …would you mind sharing your powerpoint presenation… I would like to see how you presented the information for the class… Do you have it accessible on the internet? There is a site where you can put your internet powerpoint presentation so others can view it….

    Anyways, please let me know.



  • Hi Emmy – I just added a Power Point cateory and uploaded the ones I currently have. Feel free to use them if you find them helpful. Hopefully, they make some sense. Obviously, I talk while I show the slides, so these are really just sort of prompts for what I say.

  • This is such a great resource. Thank you so much Tammy for making this blog.

    I was wondering if you could help me with something. For starters let me admit that I am a novice WordPress blogger. I see on your right sidebar you have a blogroll and a class blogroll. How can I get a blogroll widget and not call it blogroll. The template I have right now only allows me to call that widget blogroll.
    Again thank you so much for this blog. I will be back to learn for sure.

  • I’m no wordpress guru either 😉 but I think it depends on the template. Some allow you to add extra blog rolls and name them what you like. Look under “links” in your dashboard. You may have that option.

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